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Operation True Minutes Military

Check out Operation True Minutes Military! Providing military service men and women affordable prepaid long distance service with True Minutes online!

  Account Center

When registering True Minutes long distance service you will enjoy many new functions now available to you. These features become accessible through the Account Center.

The account center will allow you to Create True World Phone Numbers, Access True Minutes Traveler, and review your account balance & connection history . This plus many more functions become available by registering your True Minutes pre-paid calling card service.

  Calling Card Useage

With True Minutes Online you can now view who you called, when you called, from what number you called, at what time you called, how much time you spent on the call and how much you were charged for the call. True Minutes and Billed Minutes are one in the same. We never charge connection fees, daily, weekly, monthly and annual fees. True Minutes begin here.

  Save Your Contacts

Enjoy the fast and easy way to make calls. Create Speed dial numbers and store them on your True Minutes Account Online. Now when communicating with family and friends simply dial your local access number and select 1 to make a call and press your pre-selected speed dial number plus the # sign to directly reach family & friends. Stop entering long numbers when trying to communicate with family and friends, start Creating Speed Dial Numbers and saving them on your True Minutes Online Account.

  True Minute Traveler

Imagine if you could take your prepaid account anywhere in the world. Imagine never having to pay huge international long distance charges when traveling to foreign countries. True Minutes Traveler provides this option at no extra cost. All you need is a computer with internet access. Pre-Paid International Long Distance with Post Paid Amenities World Wide. That's the True Minute Traveler advantage.

  True World

Are you tired of dialing local access numbers? Are you tired of remembering international phone numbers? Are you ready to dial family and friends directly? True World provides multiple options for families and friends to communicate. By utilizing True World you will be able to develop local numbers in your area code that directly call pre-programmed family and friends phone numbers. True Minutes Online provides the option to create local USA numbers as well as local numbers in your Country of choice. Imagine that! Family and friends can call you directly by dialing the local number you have created in their country. Now family and friends don't have to worry about long distance charges again when communicating with you in the USA. They can now use your True World phone number.

  True Five

TRUE FIVE allows users to store 5 international numbers on 5 separate US 866 numbers. Now when consumers wish to call family & friends across the globe all you need is to search for the new True Five number you have created online. This new option provides direct access without interfacing with platform prompts. Simply dial the Quick Dial number (866) number of choice and speak with loved ones abroad. This feature is only available online. Customer that login can create up to 5 Quick Dial links per registered phone number on your True Minutes account.

  Print Instructions & Disclaimers

Now you have the ability to print True Minutes instructions and disclaimer text. This will help insure you as a True Minutes Customer our commitment to Quality. Now you have the peace of mind that the product you are consuming is a True Pre-Paid long Distance Service devoid of gimmicks and fees. You can also print out a replacement of our instructions text in English or Spanish.

Terms & Conditions

    Secure Transactions

Solutions Unlimited is committed in providing the highest level of security when using True Minutes Online. You online account utilizes 128-bit SSL certificates offering the highest level of encryption or security possible. This means you can rest assured that communications between your browser and this site's web servers are private and secure.

  More Information

For more information on white label opportunities or distribution options please contact us through our contact link below. and are a Solutions Unlimited LLC company.

  Contact Us

For more information on our products or service please send an email to or use our online contact form.

For Technical issues you can chat with us online, or call us at our 24/7/365 Call Center at (800) 539-0767.

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