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Operation True Minutes Military

Check out Operation True Minutes Military! Providing military service men and women affordable prepaid long distance service with True Minutes online!

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Prepaid Calling Card Rates:

Calling cards are often cheap and require no special equipment, but you practically need an economic degree to understand the cost per call. Although some cards will entice you with low per-minute rates, they may boost the ultimate cost by having a "maintenance fee," which tacks on a daily, weekly or monthly charge. All cards assess taxes on each call. Some cards also charge a connection fee, added at the initiation of each call.

Solutions Unlimited is committed to providing products that don’t assess these fees therefore providing TRUE MINUTES. Our “Commitment To Quality” gives consumers convenient, affordable & reliable long distance service. It is our mission to teach consumers how to properly manage and maintain their prepaid long distance service by providing the robust features that come with any of our products online for FREE.

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